Thursday, October 14, 2010

Scared to stand out

You are a very sociable girl. Your friends (trust me, there are way too many) love you very much. They look up to you. But you don't know why. It is strange to see, how shy you can be. You don't like to stand out. You don't like to be in the middle of the excitement. Being a bystander is what you prefer, although people often think differently about you.

There's no reason to be shy or afraid, sweetie. You're a wonderful kid. Being clever, smart, witty, friendly, goodlooking, talented,.. I don't see a reason why you would hide. I hear you play the flute very well, but then again, you don't want to play before an audience. The band is planning a concert on Sunday, and you are terrified and anxious. Your grandparents will come over to see you play, and you hate the idea! But why kiddo? You'll do just fine! Nobody expects more from you than you are already showing us. So chillax okay? 


Upje said...

Gaat dit over L of E? Dat ben ik efjes vergeten. Maar wens ze in ieder geval véééééél succes!


Bittersweet said...

Over Lana. Eva heeft daar minder problemen mee. Die treedt in januari op in een toneeltje op school. Ze heeft daar ook wel zenuwen voor, maar eerder gezonde stress. Ze heeft zich dan ook vrijwillig aangeboden om mee te doen, wat Lana nooit zou doen. Maar ze zal dat schitterend doen zondag, zeker weten! En achteraf zal ze blij zijn met het bezoekje van haar grootouders, die megafier op haar zijn, net zoals wij allemaal x