Sunday, October 3, 2010


The girls are so annoyed by their portable computer.. It's old (nearly 3 years) and not working properly any more. Hubby tries to fix it all the time and he keeps working on it, but still, it's broken and it can no longer be mended. It's been in the computer shop several times and all they could tell us during the warranty time was: there's no problem with this laptop! As if! It's terrible not to have a computer that is reliable, the children scream in despair...!!

Maybe we should open a trust fund to help them out, saving for a new laptop. They do need it for school and to keep in touch with their friends after school hours. Both girls take many pictures that they keep in files on their laptop. Daddy tried to fix the problem, but instead he got an empty computer as a result.. So all of their pictures, music, documents have been wasted.. No need to tell you about the pantomime here..

So if you happen to have a laptop you no longer use, or you can tell us the best brand (no, they cannot have a Mac) to buy, please let us know. We have had Packard HELL before, so that brand is off the list for bad custom service and for letting us down, despite the price of 1600 euros!

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