Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Going to the pub

LOL. Most of you that know me, will say: she's going to the pub??? Get out of here!!! And they are right! I'm not the typical pub person. I don't drink (one glass of whine a month is not worth mentioning) and I don't frequent bars or pubs. But this pub is different. Every month, one evening is reserved for people with diabetes. They have a get together in this particular pub in Ghent. They can talk about whatever keeps them busy in their diabetes treatment. Every time a professional is invited to come and speak about D. This evening we're going to discuss DIET... The word so many diabetics fear. The reason why so many diabetics don't like to go see their doctor. Because every time their doctor points out they're overweight and they should do something about it.

Yes, many people with diabetes are overweight. There are also a whole lot of overweight people who don't have this chronic disease. The world is full of temptations and food is available more than ever, 24/7. We see commercials on TV and in magazines and we bump into fast food joints all the time. Can you never ever have a hamburger and fries if you're a diabetic? Of course we can! As long as we eat healthy as often as we can.. That goes for all of us. And this time, US is not us, diabetics, but all the people out there! Healthy food and a healthy lifestyle is important. Don't mess with your body. Know what you feed your body and know what's good for you.

See you in the diabetes pub tonight!

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