Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Service unavailable

This morning I had no access to my blog space. That's why there was nothing to read. But things have gone back to normal apparently, so I'm catching up.

I went to see my surgeon, or should I say "his assistant"? Still haven't met the person who removed my gallbladder. Not before the surgery, not after the surgery and not even today, when he was supposed to see me for my check up. A lovely assistant helped me out. There were 4 wounds from the surgery and two of them looked kinda weird, since a piece of thread was crawling out of the scars. She asked me to unbutton my shirt and lay down, so she could use her razor blade to cut of the little knots of the threads used to sew me up. It was a funny feeling, because she had to pull the thread quite hard to get her razor blade underneath the knot. It was not messy, but it stung somewhat.

I hope I'm done now. No more surgeries, no more check-ups. Except for the diabetes, since that wonderful chronic disease is still chronic and for life..

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