Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ready for take off?

I love to fly! I think it's such a comfortable way of travelling. No traffic jams, no irritated drivers, no reading maps! Just relaxation until you reach your destination.

I had to get a new passport, since my other had expired. Getting a new passport is not a nuisance or so, but having your passport pictures taken is always a disaster. You're not supposed to smile..
I hate pictures of me with a stern face, because it's so not me! So I chose a picture booth in the supermarket to have the pictures taken. Because I know you have three chances to pose. Only after the third set of pictures, you have to make up your mind. This time, I was more or less happy with the pictures. There was just a little flash of light on the side of my head, so I hope the clerk at the city hall won't reject my pictures.

I will need a visa as well. That means that somewhere in the near future, I have an overseas holiday planned!! I'm so thrilled!!! There will be five of us to be travelling together. We're going to a part of the States I haven't visited before. This time hubby and the children are not coming along. They wanted me to join the friends anyway and that was very generous of them. It'll do me good to spend some time abroad. I'm so looking forward to it!!!


Anonymous said...

En wanneer ga je dan?

Bittersweet said...

We vertrekken op 1 januari, voor 12 dagen. 't Wordt een fantastische reis!