Sunday, October 24, 2010

Thunder and rain

Getting older and talking about the weather is something you come across day in day out. We are surrounded by elder people in our neighborhood and their favorite subject is.. exactly: the weather.. Whenever you open your front door, at least one of the neighbors is out there, sitting on the bench, nagging about the weather. Too cold, too rainy, too hot, too whatever-they-feel-like-nagging-about. And what's the point? What can one do to change the weather forecast? Absolutely nothing! So I don't get it.. Is it small talk? Do they believe it's fascinating? Or is it an opening?

There's a bench in front of the house. When it's not raining, most of the time, 3 elder men sit on that bench, to watch the time and cars go by. It's nostalgic to see them pass their day, thinking about the good old times. They wear coats and hats and there are walking canes next to the bench. Their wives are at home, across the street, doing whatever needs to be done. One is hanging up her crisp white undies. The lady next door is making fresh soup. There's celery in it, I can tell by the smell. And the heads of the 3 elder men are turning slowly, from left to right and back to left. The man on the left predicts thunder and rain. The other two nod and say it's good for the greens in their backyard. I hope the crisp underwear will be dry by the time thunder strikes and heaven opens its clouds to let the rain fall out..

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