Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rebba is the most typical whippet one can get. She loves to sleep, hang out on the couch, cuddle up with the family, sleep some more and go for long walks - that is if the sun is out. When it's looking greyish out there, she won't budge. She hides her head behind a pillow, wishing for us not to spot her. She's like: no way! not in that drizzly weather!

When we wake up, the dogs need to go outside to, well, you know. Inthe races out as soon as possible. She's so in a hurry, she can't wait for me to open the door, jumping up and against the door and walls. Rebba is as excited to go outside. As soon as the door opens, she sticks her nose out, sniffing some air and at the same time taking a glance at the weather. That's when she decides whether she'll go outside or not. She knows I'm encouraging her to go outside after all, but in an unguarded moment, she sneaks back to the living area, trying to hide from me. So I call her back and she digs her head deeper down the pile of pillows. In the mean time, Inthe is having a ball in the garden, playing with her toys and digging up dirt.

I walk back to the couch, pick up that leaden whippet girl (trust me, if she doesn't want to walk, she seems more heavy than ever) and bring her to the deck, her legs all stiff and not willing to walk. I put her out and close the door. She tiptoes over the deck, sits down for a pee and tiptoes back to the door, trying to keep her feet dry. She gives me the most dirty look ever and decides right there on the spot, that she's not going to love me for 5 minutes. She's adorable..

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