Thursday, October 28, 2010

Under pressure

Fifteen years ago, I got my first pressure cooker. For many years, it's been a handy kitchen appliance to me. I used it to cook red cabbage (don't you love red cabbage??!!), beef stew, chickenpot, soup,.. Unfortunately, while I was preparing beef tongue, my cooker fell apart. It couldn't be fixed, so I went to the nearest shop to get myself another one. Wow! the prices of the pressure cookers were really shocking. I had no idea what to expect! Hubby knows I use every kitchen appliance I buy, so I knew he wouldn't mind me getting another one and that's exactly how he reacted.

I was surprised by the efficiency of this new cooker by Demeyere. I got myself the 8 litre version. That beef tongue fits in much better than in the smaller pot I used to have.

It may seem funny, but I sometimes use my pressure cooker as a slow cooker. Osso bucco is the next dish I'm going to make in my pressure cooker. The other day, I saw Antonio Carluccio make his version of Osso bucco alla Milanese con Gremolata. And that's exactly what I'm going to make. Can't you smell it already? There's just one minor point: I won't eat the meat.. But the smell and the sauce full of vegetables, together with saffron risotto and gremolata, will be plenty for me. Hubby can have the meat and a huge chunk of bread to sip the sauce with..

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