Thursday, October 28, 2010


I love to pop my knuckles! I don't pop them to irritate people. It just gives me a good feeling. It's like something I just need to do every once in a while. Consider it a method of stretching? It's like all the joints pop in to the right spot again.

As a teenager, I took flute class in a local music school. Even back then I would pop my knuckles. My teacher hated that! He warned me not to do so. He said I would get arthritis and I would no longer be able to play the flute. My fingers are still very flexible though and I can still play the flute.

Our oldest daughter can't pop her fingers, but her toes do pop all the time. I wonder if she'll get arthritis in her toes.. she definitely won't be able to play the flute with her feet.

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