Thursday, November 11, 2010

Alla salute!

Atsina cress with chocolate moelleux
and creamy vanilla ice cream
Ignoring the rain, we went out anyway. Having lunch in a great place is not that disastrous for our hairdo, is it?
We had been to this place before.. Pandora is nearby and they offer a great service, excellent food, good prices and a warm atmosphere. Those were the perfect conditions to celebrate your birthday, my friend.
Checking the menu, we sipped our aperitif. Whoa! that was a lot of alcohol in your drink! Haha! I had a Mojito and it was just perfect.

We surely enjoyed our choice of menu. The both of us had a jacket potato with hand peeled shrimp as a starter. You had eel while I chose to have the goat cheese and bacon croquettes. In fact I was full after those two dishes (I had two starters - no main course), but dessert sounded so tempting.. yummie.. I was so looking forward to the pear crumble with five spice, but unfortunately they had no dessert of that kind left. That means I'll have to come back another time to indulge it. Which is not a problem.
You had ice cream and warm red fruit, while I had the most delicious chocolate moelleux. It was just perfect! Firm on the outside, gooey and runny on the inside. Dusted with some powdered sugar and accompanied by a creamy vanilla ice cream and soft fruit. I really liked the herbs that were shattered on my plate. I still don't know whether that was Thai basil or Moroccan mint. I'll have to find out somehow, because I love using herbs and this type was very good for chocolate desserts.

We did some shopping as well, despite the storm and the ugly rain. I didn't need dinner tonight. I had a great time, my friend. And guess what? I think you did too!

EDIT: the delicious herb served with dessert is Atsina cress. It is named after the Atsina indians, who used this liquorice-anis tasting herb in their hot drinks, to help them soothe their sore throats. The leaves are heart shaped and they have a soft and delicate structure.

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