Friday, November 12, 2010


Els Clottemans
Els Clottemans has been convicted of the murder of her best friend, Els Van Dooren. She allegedly murdered her friend, by cutting the straps of her parachute. I say: allegedly, because there is no proof. There are allegations that point in her direction, but there is no proof whatsoever. Did she or did she not commit the murder? We don't know. Nobody knows, but the person who did it.

I'm truly disgusted by the aggression in the voice of some that believe she did it. Did they witness her committing the crime? Or were they influenced by the media circus? Would they share the same opinion if it were their own child? What if they were to be convicted of committing a crime they didn't do? It makes me sick to my stomach that someone is sentenced to a vast number of years in prison, not knowing for sure that person is actually guilty. It's just so medieval. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth?

I feel sorry for the family of Els Van Dooren. They have lost a wife, a mother, a relative.
I feel sorry for the family of Els Clottemans. They know their daughter. They are convinced she didn't do it.

Els Van Dooren
I feel sorry for anybody out there, who is so blind sighted to any other option. They have made up their minds. There's no opening for any other reality. They play their own judge. They feel they have the right to decide about someone else's life and future, like the killer decided to end the life of Els Van Dooren. There are other explanations possible. Maybe Els Van Dooren couldn't take it anymore. Maybe she decided to end her own life. Or how about the lover? Who says he's not guilty of the crime?

Did she get a fair trial? No, she didn't. Even the people that believe she's guilty, can't say her trial was fair. The media made the trial for us. Times are changing. The media is everywhere. They create a story and stories sell well, don't forget that. People want to share their opinions. They want to take sides. Either they believe she did it, or they are convinced she didn't do it. The truth may be somewhere in the middle. I won't say she didn't do it. And I refuse to say she did it. I have an opinion of my own. I just believe it's not righteous to sentence someone to serve time in jail, without proof. That's what this blog is about.. And I'm sorry if you don't approve. You are entitled to your opinions. Let me be entitled to mine.

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