Saturday, November 6, 2010

If I go hypo, I might EAT YOU!!!

As soon as I read those lines on the website, I was like: Oh my gosh! That is just so awesome! Martyn designed some great T-shirts for his DiabeTees shop. Some texts are just so amazingly good, I just had to order some shirts. Can't wait for them to get here. I'll wear the shirts to my diabetes cooking class and our diabetes meetings. Want to see the look on the face of my endocrinologist on our next consultation. I'm sure he'll crack! A diabetic friend of mine ordered 5 shirts as well. They are hilarious!

Just check it out. They are good quality shirts and not that expensive. And they are unique, you won't find them in any shop. Pick your favorite color, choose between T-shirt, long sleeve shirts, deep V-neck or whatever you prefer to wear. Spread the word. November is Diabetes Awareness month. Wear your shirt and make the people around you aware of this condition, that affects 285 million !! people world wide.

You rock Martyn! Congrats with your shop. You're doing great!

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