Saturday, November 6, 2010


Do you remember that glam smile Erik Estrada used to show off on the dramedy series CHiPs in the seventies? He was asbolutely gorgeous and many many girls were devoted to him. The black hair, the mysterious look, the distinctive nose and of course.. the perfect teeth. He had that naughty smile and that twinkle in his eyes, that made many teenage hearts pound faster.

I remember my best friend at the time and I discussing the series. She didn't like Frank Ponch (Francis Poncherello was his name in the show) at all. But she was so crazy about his partner Larry Wilcox. He was the blond guy and she thought he was so much better looking than Ponch. Estrada and Wilcox would always ride in pairs on the Californian Highway and their costumes fitted them like gloves. Do you remember the sunglasses they wore?? Hahaha! Unbelievable how we can remember those little details.

I wonder if our girls would like the show. Would they find Erik as cute as we did? Or would they prefer Larry? I think Erik was very appealing to me, since he was always the one who got in trouble. Larry was more like the guardian angel or the teacher if you wish. Too tame for me. I think I'm gonna google the show on YouTube and see if I can come up with an episode of CHiPs to show to my girls.

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