Saturday, November 27, 2010

Not now... not now...

Last night, I was watching a movie with the girls, when all of a sudden we saw fluffy, white, dots of snow outside the window. It was a beautiful sight, really, but hey: please! Stop!!! I'm not ready for the winter. Not yet. To begin with: I'm not a winter person. In fact, I hate snow and cold weather. So no, one can't please me with white streets and snow covered cars. Okay, I must admit it looks good on Christmas day, but hello??? It's still November???

Maybe I have forgotten about the snow when I was a child. We had a whole lot more snow than we do these days. Our children haven't seen that much snow yet. But just like their mom, they are not fond of snow. They prefer sun and good weather. Lana is talking about getting a tan on our sunbed. And I must say: I don't blame her.. I despise the cold too.

I have a long car ride ahead of me and I don't want any snow storm to disrupt my plans. So please.. Keep the snow up there, where it may stay for a very long time. It can come down in January..

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