Saturday, November 27, 2010

One of us

Today was another day where diabetes was in the middle of the attention. A diabetic girl friend of mine organized a meeting in Antwerp. All of our diabetic friends were invited and quite a few happily accepted the invitation. And so did I. Whenever I have the chance to attend a D-meeting, I won't skip it. It's good to see one another every now and then. Some of my friends are going through some turmoil and they could use a shoulder to cry on. And a hug - or two.

Some new faces showed up as well. They are very welcome of course. After all, the diabetes relates all of us. It's good for any of us, to have someone in our surroundings to lean on. Someone who understands what diabetes is about. Someone who won't point his finger at you when things are not going well. Someone to stand by your side when you need help. But that same person can be there to have fun with as well! Did you really think we only talk about D-related problems? Absolutely not!! In fact, we are a happy troop and we have a ball when we meet!

This evening I'm driving to Dendermonde. There is a concert in favor of people with diabetes and diabetes research. Did you think I would miss that? Na-ah! I'm glad my friend is going to join me. He's not a diabetic, but he's been a great friend for many years now and he has only known me with diabetes. And yes, he's seen me while experiencing lows and highs and guess what? He never gave up on me. He's not afraid of my hypoglycaemic periods and he knows I'm not in the best mood when my numbers are high. But he's patient and caring and it's good to know that even non diabetics can deal with our mood swings due to low/high sugar levels. My diabetes nurse is going to be there as well. She arranged good seats for us. Thanks sweetie! You're the best!

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