Saturday, November 20, 2010

The pointing finger

A couple of my diabetic friends have reached their melting point.. Life with D isn't always good. We know we should be happy to have access to the insulin we absolutely need, and we truly are lucky. But every now and then, you come to reach the point where you want to give D a good kick in the bum. You want to scream and cry and throw a fit - call it whatever you want to call it. Trust me, although life with D is still a good life, at some days it really sucks big time. I see my friends struggle and it's painful to see them go through this ordeal. Their team is very strict and they point the finger at their patients, telling them they are not doing real well in treating their diabetes. Hello??? Give them a break, will you? They do real well. It's a daily struggle and trust me: it's not easy at all to resist all those temptations. Food is everywhere! In the store, in your house, on TV, in school, at work. Wherever you go, you come across goodies and the people around us indulge and enjoy their candy and chocolates. They have no clue. And no, some diabetes nurses really don't get it. They don't have diabetes and they will never understand how we truly feel. I'm lucky to have a very good nurse, and although she's not a diabetic, she can relate well to how we deal with the D monster. She's sympathetic without patronizing us. There's no pointing finger when things are not going the way they should. On the contrary, she's a very good motivator. If only other nurses could do the same. Sometimes they don't realize the cruelty of their words. They have no idea how their comments affect my friends. They think they do real well in educating and guiding their patients. But them too, they are humans and humans make mistakes.

I hope my friends will find a way to get motivated again. Because we care. Because they are worth it.

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