Friday, November 5, 2010

Real Estate

We just bought another house.. A bit bigger than the first one, but just perfect. We had been looking for another house for a while, but we couldn't find one we really liked. Until I ran in to the perfect house on the Internet. Spacious, clean, easy to maintain and bigger than the one we already had. Not too big either, just perfect, like I said.

It didn't take us long to decide on this purchase. We had waited long enough and it was the right time. I don't think the price was a problem - in fact, it was a true bargain. What more could we expect? I didn't even have to haggle over the price.

The girls were excited too! They couldn't wait to move in! The house looked warm and welcoming and cosy. So we let them in to explore the house. They weren't too sure what to think of it. The backdoor was closed and in no time, the same thing happened with the front door. Enjoy your stay in your new kennel, Rebba and Inthe. Now the two of you can sleep together when we're out!

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