Wednesday, December 29, 2010


Passport: check!
Dollars: check!
Medication: check!
Insulin pump:..

Getting organized for our upcoming trip to Orlando, it hit me that I had not asked my diabetes nurse for a spare insulin pump. Darn! That was so stupid! I can't believe I actually forgot something that important. I cannot take the risk to go abroad for 12 days without a spare insulin pump. It's just too tricky. You never know what happens and I have no intention to drag along syringes, absolutely not!

That's where my diabetes nurse - bless her - comes in. Immediately she started making phone calls. And yes, she pulled it of! She got a hold of the sales representative (he's adorable) to make further arrangements. I was late to submit my order, but nevertheless, the people at Roche company assured me they would get a travel pump ready for me. Hubby could pick it up after work in Brussels. What a relief! I don't expect any abnormalities, but I'd rather be prepared. Although the US is way ahead of our teeny tiny country, they don't have access to this marvellous Accu-Chek Combo pump. Bummer! Let's keep our fingers crossed I won't have to open the emergency box with the travel pump. I won't screw up this time.. ! I may hope..

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