Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Diabetic Living

Some time ago, I ran into this website on diabetes and I must admit, I have found very valuable and clear information on it. Ever since, I try to check it on a regular basis to see if there are topics I can use to put on our own diabetesforum. It was a comfort to read certain topics. They confirmed my own vision on how diabetes is supposed to be treated. It makes me feel safe and it gives me faith and selfconfidence. There is some responsibility in meeting and talking with other diabetics. They want to hear your advice and how you deal with this condition. You want to make sure the information you provide is correct and truthful.

I have been asked to give workshops on diabetes. That came as a real surprise to me and I have thought it over carefully. I wanted to know what they expect of me. I'm not a doctor after all and I can't do much more than tell others about my own experience with D. But that's exactly what they want me to talk about. Ideas are bubbling in my mind and I'm starting to write down what I could talk about. I'm definitely looking forward to these workshops. It's always good to spread the word on D and to make other people aware that yes, diabetes is a chronic disease, but you can still live a meaningful and happy life. And that's exactly the purpose of my workshops!

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