Monday, December 6, 2010

Economy Gastronomy

It's often said that healthy cooking costs a fortune. But is that really the case? Do you need to earn a lot of money in order to eat healthy? I know I spend quite some money on groceries. I like fresh food and a lot of fresh vegetables and fruit. I hardly ever buy pork as I prefer the more healthy pieces of meat. Or we pick fresh fish or scallops. So maybe, just maybe, this programme can teach me something on grocery shopping on a budget..

There's this show on TV that teaches people to cook healthy on a budget. It was interesting to say the least. I'm not the type of person that buys prepared meals. It never even crosses my mind to do so. And I guess I wouldn't even like it! I do prepare our meals myself and that's the way I want to keep doing it. But I could use some tips on spending less money on healthy food.. So I'm a fan of this kind of programmes! I'm up for it!

Here are some useful tips to save quite a bit of money on your grocery shopping and still eat healthy!
  • Make bedrock recipes and turn them into different meals (cooked ground beef can be the base for spaghetti sauce, shepherd's pie or chili con carne)
  • Plan before you shop (make a list of what you're going to cook that week and stick to that list)
  • Check your leftovers and use those before you race to the shop
  • Make sure you have healthy basics in your pantry
  • Use affordable but healthy and tasty ingredients
I would say: grab your wallet and let's do some shopping and cooking!

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