Sunday, December 19, 2010

The end of the road

Yesterday, you buried your husband. For over 50 years the two of you were together. We never saw one without the other. We knew the end was in sight. Your soulmate had been sick for quite a while. He needed oxygen 24/7. He was a nervous personality, always worrying about his beloved ones. In the end, his worries focused more on his own person. He wasn't ready to go yet. He didn't want to leave you behind. His own mother had passed away just a month ago. That didn't do him any good. He wanted to hold on to life, but life had become a battle he couldn't win.

Your son compared his fathers life to a card game. His father liked to play cards with his friends. He never had the intention to become a winner. He just didn't have that mentality. "No winners, no losers," he would say. But he didn't want to lose this game - the game of life.

He passed away peacefully. There couldn't have been a better way for him to go. He fell asleep in his hospital bed and he didn't wake up. I'm glad he didn't let go of life at home. It would not have been good for you. The two of you were happy in your new cosy home. Nearly 3 years did the two of you enjoy the comfort of a modern house. Do you remember the discussions on an inside bathroom? He never wanted a bathroom nor an indoor lavatory. It took you many many years to convince him of the contrary. He wanted to invite Hubby - his godson - and me to come take a look at his perfect little bathroom. But we never got there.. It's too late now. He's no longer in this world..

We won't forget about him. How he liked to make jokes. How he enjoyed his family and friends. He was crazy about our whippets, you know! And whenever he visited my mother-in-law, he wouldn't leave without saying: give my love to my godson and his wife..

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