Saturday, December 18, 2010

Fun to be around

We are all very lucky Hubby has a very good job. He has responsibility in his job and he's pretty good at doing what he does. 

Every now and then, his co-workers organize a dinner party, mostly around the end of the year. Last night, we were invited to the party in Brussels. The crowd wasn't too big and most of the people present, I knew. That's a whole lot better than the first time I attended one of those parties. Since he works an international job, you shouldn't be surprised to hear Dutch, French, English, German, Spanish, Bulgarian,.. I love to speak different languages and to mingle with all kinds of people. It had been a year since we last met and it was a pleasure. 

I'm happy my husband is doing so well at work. To hear his boss praise him, makes me happy. To see him get along with his colleagues and being appreciated by all, is a joy. It's good to attend these parties. I'm glad our friends joined us too. Because it wouldn't be the same without them..

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