Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Joy of Diabetes

You will probably say: what do you mean, the joy of diabetes? Are you out of your mind??

Recently I ordered Bob Hawkinson's book "The Joy of Diabetes". Bob was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when he was just a one year old baby. He's 45 now and one could say he's a veteran when it comes to diabetes. What struck me most, was his positive attitude towards D. In so many magazines and newspapers, we hear nothing but bad and sad news on diabetes. Okay, it's a chronic disease and the possible complications are not minor. But we have a choice in life, also when it comes to living with diabetes. That's exactly what Bob is trying to let us know by writing this book.

A positive attitude in life is such a good deal. Whether you believe you can or can't do things, you are right. I prefer to believe my diabetes to be manageable. It's easier to cope with, if you believe in a good ending. I don't want to think of loss of eye sight, amputation of limbs, strokes or kidney failure. I prefer to be in control and keep my blood sugars in the green zone. You feel so much better about yourself if your numbers are fine. There's no need to feel guilty.

Bob, you rock man! You did a really good job at writing your lifestory on diabetes. I hope your story will inspire many of us.

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Bob Hawkinson said...

Thank you for the positive words...I am honored and happy that you liked The Joy of Diabetes......As I talk with other diabetics around the world, I am struck how much we all have in common trying to manage our condition.The ups n downs and highs and lows are all part of it. I guess I always strive to stay in the positive side of the conversation.
Thanks again for the nice words....
I wish you "Well" in your walk with diabetes......
Bob Hawkinson