Thursday, December 23, 2010

Food heaven and Food hell...

In cooking class, once again I realized how important food is in my life. I love food and what creativity does with it. I love to taste new things and trying out new recipes is a daily pastime of mine. I have no idea why food has become that important. Could it be because diabetes has changed my life in that matter? My condition forced me to take better care of myself. Before my diagnosis, I never thought much about food or (healthy) cooking. It just wasn't that important. I didn't care about the veggies I missed out on. No fresh fruit in my shopping cart wasn't an issue. And why would I not eat pork every day?

But that was my life before D. Nowadays, food has become more of an issue. And you know what? I see my diabetes as an advantage to leading a better life. Really, it was a true eye opener. It helped me cook healthier and eat more greens.

Of course there's food heaven and food hell. There will always be certain products I won't eat. Call it childish, I don't care. Just don't serve me braised Belgian endives, Brussels sprouts or hotchpotch. You really do not want to hear me ask for a barf bag.
Food heaven.. that sounds a whole lot better. To me, it's the only heaven out there. Just imagine having all of your favorite food available at all time. Without consequences, without guilt. No counting carbs, no injections of insulin, no scale to weigh your portions or your body for that manner.

What is food heaven to you? Suppose your doctors tell you your last days are in sight. What would your last meals look like? Do you have any idea?

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Jessie said...

Hi Cathy,

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