Thursday, December 30, 2010

Moving on

I'm impressed. Not because I thought you were not capable of finding a better job, but more because it was so sudden. Maybe those are the best choices. No hesitation, just go for it!

You are an intelligent young woman. You're good at translating in several languages (I still suck at German and I envy your talent) and over the years, you have built up quite some experience. You have worked under pressure and you have worked several functions within the same company. Sometimes to sit in for sick colleagues. You are a good colleague and a good employee. I'm sure your employer will know what she will be missing once you leave the company. But you know what? Don't feel guilty about it.. Life goes on. If you have the opportunity to improve your life, why wouldn't you? Look how fast you were offered another job? Doesn't that mean anything? I think it means a whole lot! They have seen your talent and your energy and attitude. I'm proud of you!

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