Monday, December 13, 2010


Photo by Lana Joos

Yes!! She did it! Our little Inthe won her first contest as the best looking whippet in her category. It doesn't matter there were only two contestants, does it? I didn't walk Inthe on the show. Her people parents from Holland - Fiefoerniek's kennel - did. They are used to walking whippets on dog shows and I was very happy they took over. Inthe had no idea what to expect. She couldn't understand the thin line around her neck. Why couldn't she wear her own leash?? I could tell she was mesmerized. The moment she was supposed to stand and hold still, she kept looking for Rebba and me. She had to look straight forward, not to the sides. So I was asked to stay out of her sight and not speak. After that, she did a whole lot better.

The judge found her ears to be a little too big. We have had the same thought, but we love her ears! Even the ear with a missing piece. She's our little girl and we're very proud of her!

So now she has her first report card. Pretty impressive huh? Am I planning to do more shows with Inthe? I don't know. Only if they ask her. And only if the people of Fiefoerniek's walk her..

My other purpose of the day: selling goodies in favor of Whippet Rescue Ireland. There wasn't a big crowd present, but my sister-in-law and I managed to sell enough to hand over 65 euros to the organization. It's not the world, but every bit counts. One of our goals was to let other people know about the work of Whippet Rescue Ireland. And we did well. People took the flyer home and read about the organization. After all: it was a tiresome but satisfying day!

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