Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shammy skin

They are so soft. The skin holding their ribs is so tender it feels like shammy. It's so fragile it tears easily. We have to be very careful not to scratch their delicate skin. Unfortunately every now and then they get injured. Our tomcat Arthur pretends to be an evil tiger when he awaits them on the seat of a dining chair. He sits there patiently, wagging his tail, until one of the whippets comes by. His catlike eyes follow every step they make, so he can jump at them at the best time. Both whippets know he's there and they are very reluctant to pass the table. Sometimes they are too excited to go take a nap and that's when they forget about Arthur. For him, it's the signal of victory! He scratches their delicate shammy skin, making it bleed and leaving them in pain.. I can't protect them all the time. They have to work things out between them.

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