Friday, December 31, 2010

Swapping kids

Imagine you would be given the opportunity to swap kids with a friend. Would you do it? Not for ever, just for a while, let's say 6 months. It would give you the chance to a fresh start. You could try out new methods of parenting on these children, who are not aware of your way of educating kids. They wouldn't know about the numerous times you screwed up. They wouldn't hold a grudge against you for long time ago punishments. Would you gladly accept the new chances given?

Are there things in your parenting skills you would like to alter? Are you afraid to admit to your kids you were wrong at certain times? Well, listen to this: there's no need to swap kids at all. Kids are forgiving. They won't hate you for admitting your mistakes. On the contrary, they will embrace you for being so honest with them. They will realize mom and dad are not perfect either. Will that make the world fall apart? Not really. Is it embarrassing? Probably. The first time is the most difficult one. But after that? Piece of cake. It's not that hard to say sorry to your children. After all, we teach them that saying sorry is a good thing. And from there we move on.

Don't swap your kids. That would be horrible. Your children are the most precious creatures ever. I wouldn't want to trade mine! Every now and then I would like to glue them behind the wallpaper, but you know what? They would probably say the same about me..

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