Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Photo by Lana Joos

The white scenery is so serene and peaceful. It's completely zen. Yin and Yang have rediscovered their balance. It's so quiet outside. No footprints in the snow that has fallen overnight. Just a completely snow white carpet.

Inthe is ready to go play outside. She has no time to put on her jacket. She wants to roughhouse in that fluffy material out there. Trying to dig up her lost toys that are hiding underneath the white mass. She tries to convince Rebba to join her, but Rebba pretends to sleep.. She's laying on her blanket before the fireplace. One of her ears is listening to Inthe trying to communicate with her, but the other ear is not interested one bit.. Can't blame her. I prefer the fireplace too. I'm planning a couch potato day..

Rebba enjoying the heat of the fireplace
Photo by Lana Joos

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