Monday, December 20, 2010

Double trouble

I have a sensitive stomach. It doesn't need much to become upset. Hubby on the contrary, has a stomach made of steel I suppose.
He can eat most anything and overdue products don't make him sick. People make fun of me when I tell them that a cup of yogurt can make me terribly sick if I eat it on the same day it's due. Honestly. And it's not because I saw the expire date on the wrapper. The moment I eat something that is overdue, my stomach protests. Sometimes I tell myself it's in my head and I finish the snack - with hesitation. That's when the problems begin. Either I have to throw up or diarrhoea makes me rush to the toilet instantly. If I have really overdone it, I'm in double trouble. It will come out one way or the other or both.

It had been a while, but last week I ate overdue cinnamon custard. Darn! why did I do that?? I thought it was kinda running, and it tasted a little different, but I finished it anyway. Stupid me.. when will I learn and listen to my gut feeling??

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