Saturday, January 29, 2011

Excuse me?

Asian influences, I mean. You know: mirin, hoisin, soy sauce, black bean paste, rice vinegar, udon noodles, lemon grass, fish sauce, wasabi.. ?? no?? Never heard of?

I love to cook and discover foreign cuisines. It's exciting to try out products you have never used before. You have no idea what to do with them at first, but then you google the products and you come up with tons of ideas. You eat out in Japanese, Thai or Chinese places and you end up with some more ideas. That's when the experimenting can start. Making sushi is not as easy as it seems, but it's well worth the effort. There are plenty of videos on the Internet to show you how to make a perfect Vietnamese springroll or seared ahi tuna. Dare to try new flavors! It's so exciting to have a burst of flavors in your mouth you have never experienced before.

I believe the Asian cuisine to be very pure. They use fresh produce and interesting seasonings. In fact, their cuisine is lean and low calorie. That is if you omit the sweet & sour sauces and deep fried dishes, of course. But there's always the option to ask for broth poached fish/meat or a fulfilling noodle soup loaded with pea pods, bean sprouts and mushrooms. Don't you just love to dip your sushi into those tiny bowls of soy sauce and wasabi dots? The wasabi makes your nostrils go wild and your eyes burst into tears, but the feeling afterwards is sublime.

Sushi has too many carbs for me, but sashimi and miso soup are true winners! How about a Vietnames spring roll, filled with fresh salmon strips, soft butter lettuce leaves, tender avocado slices, glossy rice noodles and spicy wasabi? Let me wipe off the drool from my chin now, before it drizzles all over my keyboard. I mean it, I need to go out and get inspired some more. Who wants to join me for Japanese food?

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