Sunday, January 16, 2011

For your safety

America is very clear about the safety of its residents. Wherever you go, you will hear this opening: for your safety, .. Whether you are in Disney, on an airplane or just buying some items, "for your safety" is practically always part of it.

When we were visiting Epcot, security agents searched our backpacks for unwanted objects. They used their flashlights and patted down our bags. Americans are so used to this procedure, that they believe it to be the most normal thing in the world. It gives me a sort of fake feeling of safety. What can they see in ones backpack? Would you really hide a bomb in a backpack, on top of your spare clothes, drinks and snacks? The ones who really want to misbehave, will find some way to do so. It's just something we don't see in our country and I'm not looking forward to a future of this manner. I feel safe. I don't need anyone to search me or pat me down. I don't need a label on the inside of my shirt, to tell me not to iron the shirt while wearing it.

Things will be different again. This afternoon we landed in Schiphol, Holland, ready to head home. We had another 2 hour 15 min drive ahead of us and we had started our journey the day before around 2 PM. It was a long flight and we were exhausted, but it was worth every penny.

The suitcases have been sorted out and the presents have been handed out. The children were extremely happy to see me (they had missed me for 17 days, remember?) and the whippets.. well.. what can I say: they cried with joy. They jumped all over me and their tongue went in overdrive. Little Inthe brought me all of her toys so I could play with her and Rebba wouldn't leave me alone any longer.

There wasn't much to tell my family, since my voice is now sore and harsh. In the coming week, they will hear more and more about my American adventure. I'm looking forward to telling them all about it.

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