Monday, January 17, 2011

Duvet days

Things have gone back to normal. It felt kinda strange to drive Eva to school this morning, after having had a chauffeur for 17 days, but it felt good to be in control again. Around 8:15 AM I was shopping for groceries in my favorite supermarket. The cart was filled with fresh fruit, crispy vegetables, some turkey and chicken, milk and butter so I could get started to make some delicious home cooked food. Our first dinner was an all American meal: Country Captain oven dish. Plenty of chicken, green peppers, raisins, tomatoes, celery and carrots. Guess what: no dessert!!!

I am starting to feel healthy again.. It was good to see though, that my scale still loved me. I have not gained any weight during our stay in Kissimmee, Florida. On the contrary, I have lost 2.5 kg!!  I can chill now..

I'm too tired to budge. I want my duvet and crawl up on the couch with the dogs. It's been a lazy day, after having cleaned up the house and put away the holiday reminders. I want to sleep now.. My throat is still sore and red and there must be some infection there..

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