Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Happy as a Hippo

Did you know that one can be ecstatic about experiencing a hypoglycaemia? Yesterday, my sugar levels were out of range for the whole day and I hate it when that happens. I felt like crap. My throat was so dry it was like having eaten a bag of marshmallows (not that I have any clue what that feels like, but I suppose it must be in that area) that got stuck halfway my throat. No water could quench my thirst (I didn't want to run to the restroom 10 times a day either) and my legs felt so heavy I didn't want to make one more step. Just imagine being in the mall and having no energy to enter a shop??
So in the middle of the night, I was cheering for that 52 mg/dl on my glucose meter. Yes! Back to normal! I enjoyed my little bag of Cinnamon Goldfish before I went back to bed.. to wake up a couple of hours later with more normal readings.

As I had said earlier: we went to Daytona Beach. Before our little conference we had to attend, we had breakfast at the local diner called Rossi's Diner. What a neat place! Friendly staff, wide range of choice and fast but home cooked meals. Did you ever have a fulfilling breakfast of corned beef hash, home baked fries, silver dollar pancakes, cheese omelette, Southern grits, sliced tomatoes, English buttered muffins, eggs sunny side up and toast? I didn't think so.. But it was darn Good with a capital G.

We were a little disappointed about our visit to the shore. It wasn't what we had expected. Maybe we have become too demanding? Of course it's out of season and it was windy and cloudy, but nevertheless, the streets were empty and deserted. We didn't sob too long over it and made a U-turn to head for new horizons.

We ended up in Orlando where we enjoyed a great All American lunch at Johnny Rockets. It was an item on our to do list and I'm happy we visited the place. This is fast food at its best: a good bowl of home made chili with melted cheese and diced onion, vanilla milkshake, toasted tuna sandwich, American fries and a ketchup happy face. Johnny Rockets rocks!

We have so many more outings planned and we're running out of time.. I would love to stay another week, but I don't think my family at home nor the budget would appreciate that. But like Arnold Schwarzenegger would say: I'll be back! it won't be too long before we come back. Now we have a reason to visit Florida more often!

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