Friday, January 7, 2011

I need a moment..

I'm sitting on my bed in my room in Kissimmee, Florida, indulging the sounds from my "new" household of friends. Mrs T is sitting on the deck at 10 AM, blowdrying her locks and enjoying the sunbeams. It's January!!! I mean, really, I'm wearing T-shirts and the sun is warming my face while typing this blog! One of the friends is relaxing in the living area, another one is rinsing off the fatigue of yesterday in the shower and the third friend is checking the schedule so we can enjoy another day.

I need a moment to think things over. To absorb all the new impressions and relive the memories of the previous days. I feel so blessed to be here. Never would I have thought this would happen to me. I have always had a good feeling about the US and it was my dream to come back here one day. I have gone back to Massachusetts before and to Oregon, but this time it's different. It's like coming home.. I really like Florida. People are friendly, the weather is good, there's so much to do. I can hear this man mow the lawn and the racoons have their parties at night, investigating leftovers in the bins and tasting whatever they feel like having. Getting our groceries at Super Target is like being at home. Opening our fridge and finding goodies to enjoy a little snack, is comforting.
I have this crazy feeling this place could become my second home..

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