Sunday, January 9, 2011

La famiglia

The sun is out. It's warming our hearts and minds. Catching some warmth on the front deck, I'm thinking over the past days. We have done quite some outings by now and they were nothing but pleasant. Yesterday we strolled around a local flea market and that was fun! It's real life, not some tourist attraction. Just don't ask what we bought or must I say: what I bought. You really do not want to know..

This afternoon we're going to church. Yes, you heard me: to CHURCH! Not to attend some kind of service, but to have a gospel brunch in Downtown Disney. It's not really a church, it's called The House of Blues, but it's kinda like attending Sunday's Mass. Praise the Lord! Curious Georgette can't wait to find out what that's going to be like. I'm always open to new things and this sounds like a good plan to me.

Old Town is a must do if you are over here. It's not far from the apartment and there's a special atmosphere walking around the funfair. People were bungee jumping, eating cotton candy and candied apples or having a beer or two. There was a parade of old-timer cars and they were extraordinary. Don't be surprised to run into Elvis look-a-likes!

Being here, is like being with family. Enjoying each other and having a great time. There aren't any disputes or unhappy faces. Nothing but good times. It could be the sun or the time spent abroad, but maybe it's just because we bond well?

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