Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Not too long ago, my diabetes nurse invited me to join her at the theatre. We were going to attend a monologue on diabetes. Since my nurse and I get along real well and an evening out together is always a good plan, I didn't hesitate and hopped into the car.

She forgot to tell me she had also invited another friend of hers. He's been a T1 diabetic for 4 years and she wanted to introduce me to him or the other way around. He doesn't know that many other sweetbees and maybe it was time for him to find a mate. Now that was a great idea! What a wonderful personality! The three of us had a good time together and the diabetes monologue was interesting too.

I guess I have found another D-friend. If only I could convince him to join us at a diabetes meeting one day, it would open his eyes. It would teach him that life with D isn't that bad. That many of us need to inject insulin. Nothing wrong with that. I do like his way of eating: low carb and healthy.

I went to see him this week. He gave me a trendy haircut and we talked some more. He's a good guy and very thoughtful. I think we'll see more of each other..

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