Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A happy camper

You kept saying: I can't believe I'm about to turn 14!!! Guess what? Today is your day! Happy birthday sweetheart.. Years go by in a fast mode and you change even faster. You're no longer  my little girl since you grew up to become a beautiful young lady. Last week, you had your first valentine party at boarding school. I tried to imagine the excitement and joy of the ladies' boarding school on their way to throw a party at the boys' boarding school. It's so movie like! You probably had a cheeky blush on your cheeks and sweaty hands. These are moments to cherish sweetie pie..

photo taken by Lana Joos

You were very specific about your birthday present this year. Tonight, I'm coming over to your boarding school and that's when you'll get your present. You'll be excited! The relatives can't wait to have your birthday party. As usual we're celebrating at grandma's. The whole family will be there to sing for you and your little cousin, who's about to have his birthday too. I wonder what cake you will pick this year. Maybe your sister will make you her famous Nigella Lawson pavlova?

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