Monday, February 21, 2011

Say shava shava

For those who are Indian movie lovers like myself: does Kabhi khushi kabhi gham ring a bell? Just the sound of the words are plenty to make me smile. Indian music is so vibrant and catching, it always makes you want to get up and dance.

This evening we came home from spending 3 days in The Hague, Holland. The purpose of our trip was the Bollywood Dance Show in the World Forum Theater annex Novotel Hotel. We had a blast! Let's say 90% of the audience was Indian and they came in their colorful outfits, what made the night even more special. We had great seats and didn't have to miss anything happening on stage. Say shava shava was our most favorite song. Let me warn you: the music is really contagious! That is, if you are willing to open up to Indian music. Bathe yourself in the culture and the atmosphere of Bollywood!

It's always total excitement to spend a couple of days abroad accompanied by our friends. We share the same interests for music, theater, shopping, dining out,.. meaning we do not get bored.. ever! Too bad it was so cold outside. The wind was too much. We were all longing for the Indian sun!

Some years ago, my sister-in-law and I took Indian cooking classes and that was so interesting! I love Indian cuisine! Too bad the hotel restaurant didn't serve an Indian meal beforehand. Their menu was definitely fine and delicious, but we like to do things a little different. I would not have minded chapati, aloo paratha, Bombay potatoes, a spicy curry and a cooling raita for dinner. Maybe we should've bought a couple of shalwar kameez to dress up and enter the theater in style?

We enjoyed the show and there is the need for more hangers to put away the new clothes. The Hague is a wonderful town if you like to shop. Check out The Sting! for your newest outfit or visit the shops in Hasselt or Antwerp on your next bargain hunting.

There's one anecdote from the show I would like to share with you. Young couples get engaged and that's where the engagement ring comes in. The next one in line is the wedding ring. A few years later, you get the "suffering"..

Thank you my friends and hubby, for giving us the opportunity to hang out together and enjoying a great time! It was awesome!

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