Saturday, February 26, 2011


Delicious! I believe that is the exact word to describe my lunch at Litus in Dendermonde. What a fine place to have lunch or dinner. I'm always looking for good places to eat out. Places where the cook is not dead yet, but vibrant and energetic and daring. A cook who is creative and not afraid to make some adjustments to the menu if that's what the customer wants.

I still don't eat that many carbohydrates, because for me, that's the best way to control my blood glucose, so I asked for a veggie stir-fry dish without noodles or rice. The dish I got was filled with crunchy goodies in a yummy sauce. It was an exciting meal and very fulfilling. Too bad the restaurant is an hour drive from our place, because I would most certainly frequent the place on a weekly basis.

The menu is inviting to say the least. There's a lot of creativity and healthy dishes are not an exception. Fresh fruitsalad for dessert? I'll sign up!

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