Friday, March 18, 2011

A bubbly personality

Sweet sixteen.. You have been longing for this particular birthday for some time now. Being 16, you say, means you get a lot more privileges. We're still trying to find out what those privileges are, but I'm pretty sure you'll let me know.

I wonder what this year will bring you. First of all, you and your friends from school are going to visit Paris. You are so excited about that event!!! You will have a wonderful time in Paris and it will be a week to remember! In August, we're going to have our vacation in Florida. You adore the summer and your legs need some sun to regain their tan. You are so ready to buy little dresses and tops and shorts. To put on huge sunglasses and show off your shaved, long legs.

You're in love again, with a very nice young man. He's a decent kid. Polite, well mannered and well educated. We like him too! And he's even cute, with that head covered in blond curls! Enjoy your time with him and love him back with all your heart.

Maybe we'll let you go out every now and then. You like to dance and hang out with your friends. Being a responsible young lady, we trust you. Times are not easy for teens growing up, with drugs and alcohol available on every street corner. You're not stupid, by no means, but temptations will always be out there and we can only hope you will use your common sense.

Have a very happy birthday, sweetheart! You're adorable!

PS Your cousin is having his 16th birthday tomorrow! The two of you get along real well. So Cousin, I wish you a very happy birthday too! Thanks for looking after Lana. She enjoyed going out with you!

Lana and her cousin

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