Saturday, March 19, 2011

My best good friend

Best friends are not to be found just around the corner. They are rare and therefore very precious. It takes some time to get to know a good friend. You don't become best friends overnight. Some friends I have known for over more than 20 years. Others I'm still working on getting to know. Friends can be very different. It's like they complement each other.

Good friends are a gift. They support you and love you and nurture you all the way. They know about you and your dreams and you know about them and their goals in life. You tell each other your deepest secrets. You laugh together and you wipe each other's tears..

I remember a moment in elementary school. It's not really one moment, but a thing I recall from those days. We had a good class and we got along pretty well. Until some stopped liking the others. It lead to disputes, where one would say: if you keep hanging out with X or Y, you will no longer be my best friend! And that was devastating. Because we all wanted to be best friends.. Nobody wanted to choose sides!

Life is good. Loving your friends and family is essential to lead a healthy social life. Invest in your friendships. Make them worthwhile.

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