Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Difficult divorces

You won't find that many children looking forward to their parents getting a divorce. Children like to be loyal to both parents and that works best if they stick together. That doesn't mean they have to live together, but it makes it easier if they can still walk through one door.

Several friends of mine are divorced or separated. Apparently it's very difficult for either parent to have a healthy bond with their ex. After all, there's a reason or a number of reasons why they decided not to spend the rest of their life together, right? If there are no children involved, it's only a material matter. But if the couple shares a child or several children, things are a whole lot more complicated. There are so many situations where the children suffer the most. It is sad, you know. People communicate with one another through their children, hoping they will let the other parent know their discomfort. It's not very adult like to act like this, but it happens all the time. Sometimes I wonder why ex partners decide to make the other's life miserable. Shouldn't they be happy that they finally split up? Why not hope for the best for their ex? People are complicated..

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