Monday, March 21, 2011

For your eyes only

Photo by Eva Joos
You look great in your glasses! I think you picked the right kind for you. They make you look even more interesting and bright than you already are.

One day, you told me your eyes were tired and you had problems focusing. That's when I decided to make an appointment with the eye clinic. You warned me you were not going to wear glasses, absolutely not, by no means! 
When the doctor was done examining your eyes, she suggested you'd wear glasses.. I had no idea how you would react and your answer came as a total surprise: can we go get some right away?

So we went.. and you wondered which glasses you should choose. There were two pair you had in mind and they both looked great on you! You made the right choice sweetie. You look amazing and pretty and your eyes will get the rest they deserve!

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