Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mystery Man

Just one year ago, he joined us on our diabetesforum. In no time, he became a well respected member of our group and his contribution to the forum has been pretty interesting so far. He's the first young type 2 diabetic I met who is so involved in diabetesland. He counts carbs, injects insulin, cooks healthy food and makes the most of it. Always there to share experience and to help out his friends. He's a good motivator to other D-people.

I'm sorry for him he had to get diabetes type 2 at such a young age. I wish it were different. But then again, we never would have met him otherwise. This week, I finally met him for real! What a surprise! We had been joking around that he only existed on the Internet. Maybe he wasn't a he, but a she. Because on the Internet, you never know who's behind the nicknames, right? (we didn't really think that, it was just a joke!)

But it was him, just the way we got to know him. I hope he'll join our group again in the future. Having a household of three young children, it isn't easy to attend our meetings. But he's a good organizer and his wife and him are a great couple, so I assume they will work something out.

Thanks for coming over! It was a pleasure to meet you!

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Anonymous said...

Ik zie hem ook graag, en wàr-t een geheugen.