Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ganz kaputt!

For a while, you had been talking about getting a student job. We thought that was a very good idea. After all, you were nearly 16 and it would teach you about life and money and it would be another step in growing up.

So you did what you intended to do: get a job on Wednesday afternoons. Work was a little harder than expected and you were absolutely tired when you came home. You were offered a job in a nearby warehouse, where you make sure there's enough merchandise in the store. You have to bend over, kneel down, lift heavy bottles of soda, help clients find products, clean up the mess. I'm sure you're a good employee and you do whatever your employer asks of you. He pays you well and you have been asked to go back on a weekly basis. You were very happy to get your paycheck. It helped you to get your own camera. I'm proud of you!

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