Monday, March 28, 2011

Defying gravity

Are you up to date? Do you watch Glee? You know, the series on the singing highschool kids? I first saw an episode of Glee on our way to Florida last January. I was really impressed by the good voices on the show and my intention was to start watching Glee. To my surprise, our daughters had been watching Glee before. And now Glee is back! and I'm their number one fan!

My favorite Glee song so far, is Defying gravity, sung by Rachel and Kurt. I find it very emotional and it makes the little hairs on my arms stand straight. These kids are so devoted to their role as singers/actors and they do real well. I'm hooked! We record every episode, so we can watch it together as a family. I love the enthusiasm of the singers! And isn't Mr Schuester a hottie??? The way the tears well up in his eyes when he listens to his students, his heart filled with pride? He's really awesome! Haha, I sound like a teenager with a crush on her teacher. That is so not true! But I do enjoy the songs, the series, the stories behind the characters. Why not?

I looked into buying the Glee music. Can't wait to play the CD's in my car and sing along. That's a place where I can sing my heart out, without disturbing or annoying anyone. It's very relaxing to sing in the car and let the tension out. So yes, again I have something to look forward to!


Anonymous said...

Glee is super.
Ik ben altijd blij als het zaterdag is.
Vind idd defying gravity het mooiste en beste nummer.

Bittersweet said...

ik hoop dat de cd's vandaag in de bus zullen vallen. Nieuwe muziek voor in de auto is altijd de max!