Friday, March 11, 2011

Mom jeans

You know what I'm talking about, don't you: those comfortable sloppy jeans, without any shape or attractive line whatsoever. Women start wearing them in their pregnancies and that's when they realize how comfortable mom jeans are. Mom jeans make life easier. They don't require ironing ; they can have stains or greasy finger prints. It doesn't matter they don't fit well. As long as they hide your curves and make you feel comfortable.

But hey! Why not choose to be a sassy mom? Sassy moms do care about their look! They want to be hot and sexy and they like to dress well. What do you mean by saying that hip and fancy clothes aren't comfortable? Hello? You must be out of your mind! There's such a wide range of clothes and there are way too many shops to visit. So please! Get out there and treat yourself with a sexy make over! Throw away those sloppy pants and smelly sneakers. Have your locks colored, wear the highest heels you can walk on and flaunt your bum in those tight dark jeans! Make your kids proud of their mom!

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