Saturday, March 5, 2011


You must know by now I'm not much of a meat lover. I can do without meat, although I like to eat some meat every now and then.
The first time I ate sweetbreads, I must have been 18 or 19. I was working in a fancy restaurant at the time, and the cook served me sweetbreads after work. I wasn't exactly thrilled to taste it, since I had seen her cook and peel the gland. It looked kinda freaky to me.. But I wanted to be polite, so I sat down, fiddled a little with my fork, pricked a piece of sweetbread on my fork and tasted it. What a surprise! It tasted heavenly! They were crisp on the outside and so smooth once you took a bite.

While we were in The Hague, Holland, we had dinner in the Novotel Hotel. And yes: the menu looked promising. I decided to have the veal steak with sweetbreads and I had no regrets. It was absolutely delicious!

I have no idea whether I would succeed making sweetbreads at home. Maybe I should order some at the local butcher and just give it a try?

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