Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Feet

My feet are sore. I started wearing my insoles again - after having lost them a year or two ago. Insoles are very good for my feet, sometimes too good. Because once I'm used to wearing them again, it's hard to walk without. Whoever invented insoles, didn't think of women's hunger for nice shoes. And no, elegant feminine shoes don't take insoles.. Since I love to wear high heels, my insoles lead a longer life. They fit well in boots and flat shoes, but forget about sandals, pumps, high heels, .. I do want to wear them more often and high heels are probably not the best choice if you have lower back pain, but they make me feel so womanlike, you know? I don't have that feeling when I wear Mary Janes (yes, I keep those for tiring shopping days) or sneakers (yikes! although I must admit I have worn them in Florida) and there's no way I would wear them by choice. Around the house, I could consider wearing more comfortable shoes where the insoles feel great in too. Maybe that's a better option.. Let's find that cream to give my exhausted feet that enjoyable foot rub they truly deserve.

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